I Love My Brother LANCE… Happy Birthday!

Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Lance! Lance is quite a guy. For starters he is one of the most brilliant telecom engineers around. He knows more stuff about communications while he is sleeping than most engineers know when they are working. If you have a telecom problem, and Lance can’t solve it, your in trouble. When I first started in telecom, it was with a company where Lance was working and he got me the job there. Then he trained me for years and years, in spite of my hard head, he taught most everything I know about telecom engineering. He has been a great mentor in my professional life.
Lance is also a great brother. He has taught me so much about life….hunting, fishing, guns, having a blast, and getting into mischief (he was good at that when we were growing up), how to live and how to love. He is a great guy. Lance has taught me how to love others and do what is necessary to help people who are in need. He is a very generous man and can frequently be seen giving sacrificially of his time and money to help people with thier problems. He even took me in when I was a wayward teenager to live with his new family for some time. And I am not the only one. Lance and Leanne (his wonderful wife) have taken in many people over the years to help them when in a tight spot, and many times this has come at a costly price for them. But they do it because they are loving. Many people could tell how much they have done for them. Lance is also a good father. He and Leanne also raised three great kids, Jeremy, Stacy and Amanda. He also faithfully serves in our church where he has always been a leader with the youth in the Adventurers ministry teaching all the kids so many life skills and things, organizing huge campouts and adventure trips. He has also taught the Bible to the youth for many, many years because he loves the Lord. Anyone who knows Lance, knows he loves the Lord, and he frequentlt ries to help people grow in their faith. 

He has also been a great Uncle to my kids. They really think of him fondly. Partly because he just a great uncle, and partly because he is such a funny guy. He is always pulling somebody’s chain and making them laugh. He has been a good influence in their life, and always pointing them to Christ when they needed to hear it.

So this is my post to honor my brother Lance, to whom honor is due. I just want to say to Lance, you are a great brother and I love and respect you. Thanks for being you. I am grateful to God that He made you my bro.


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  1. And look, he even made his own birthday cake!(c: <br /><br />Happy birthday, Lance! May God richly bless you today and in the coming years!

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