Ciena Products - 6500 Packet-Optical Platforms

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Ciena Platforms is designed to address today's unpredictable traffic patterns by delivering new levels of capacity, flexibility, resiliency, and openness required for a more adaptive network. Leveraging the latest technology innovation, the 6500 integrates packet, OTN, and flexible WaveLogic Photonics capabilities across multiple chassis form factors to enable a programmable infrastructure that can scale and respond on demand to changing customer requirements.

Ciena 6500 Products

Ciena 160-9103-900 Transciever

Ciena 160-9114-900 Transciever

Ciena NTK538UN Transciever

Ciena NTTP06CFE605 GE LX/FC100 SM/FC200 1310NM

Ciena NTK538BL 100G Motor WL3N STND C-Band

Ciena NTK539UH 100G WL3 OCLD Premium LH & EDFA 1X OTU4 C-Band

Ciena NTK530PGE5 Optical Transponder

Ciena NTK532DA Circuit Pack

Ciena NTK538UK Circuit Pack

Ciena NTK538BM Circuit Pack

Ciena NTK552FB Midstage Line Amplifier

Ciena NTK609CAE5 Shelf Front Cover

Ciena NTK529BAE5 Midstage Line Amplifier

Ciena NTK553KAE5 Wavelength Selective Switch

Ciena NTK529BBE5 10x 10G MUX Multi-Protocol 10x XFP OME

Ciena NTK503LA 2-Slot Optical Type 2 Shelf Assembly

Ciena NTT862BBE5 50GHZ, 44CH, Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

Ciena NTK535LAE5 4XGBE 4-Port Optical Card

Ciena NTTP30CFE6 10G Base

Ciena NTK507MDE5 RE Exhaust Cooling Module

Ciena NTK539UC 100G Line Card

Ciena NTK526JAE5 1x OC-192/STM-64 STS-1/HO DWDM C Band Tunable OMF

Ciena NNTMRT0C8PXP Fan Unit

Ciena NTK507LDE5 14 Front HF Fan Module

Ciena NTK507MDE5 14 Rear HF Fan Module

Ciena NTK507MDE5 2-Slot Air Baffle Kit

Ciena NTK507NAE5 Cooling Fan Unit Assembly

Ciena NTK605GA 4x60A Power Input Card Type 2

Ciena NTK552AAE5 Single Line Amplifier

Ciena NTK538UJ 100G OTR WL3E Prem C-Band LR4

Ciena NTK539UH EDC100G WL3 OCLD Premium 1XOTU4 C-Band Circuit Pack